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Company profile

Jiefu, one of the biggest flat panel TV speaker manufacturer, has been focus on research, development, manufacture and sales of various kinds of speaker driver and speaker system since it was established on Nov 28,1997. After 25years rapid development, Jiefu is already the largest TV speaker and speaker system manufacturer in China, Jiefu speaker and Jiefu speaker system has been applying to many countries and regions such as the United States, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, European Union ,etc. reach to almost 1/6 family all over the world. Jiefu also grew into the largest TV speaker and system manufacturer in the country.


Company history

After nearly twenty-five years rapid development, Jiefu has become one of the largest speaker manufacture in China for flat-panel TV. In near future, Jiefu will strengthen the scientific research and development investment, relying on running products expanding, constantly develop new products, to consolidate the domestic market, actively explore overseas market, form a diversified enterprise with electroacoustic products.

Message from CEO

Thanks to the history given Jiefu opportunity, along with the reform and opening up of China, Jiefu electroacoustic from small to large, has been one of the quite well-known speaker manufacturers in electroacoustic Industry. In the new century, Jiefu began to face new opportunities and challenges, the market has become larger, competitors have become stronger, and Jiefu electroacoustic will compete with world-class enterprises.

Perhaps now, with our world-class enterprises there is a certain gap, but we have a strong and ambitious workforce, have Jiefu spirit, all these tangible and intangible precious wealth, is likely to keep Jiefu in an invincible position in the increasingly fierce competition.

Jiefu through management reform and innovation, constantly enhance the quality and strength of enterprises. Jiefu is willing to make our speakers sound everywhere of the world.

On behalf of Jiefu, I would like to warmly welcome the guidance of colleagues at home and abroad, and welcome friends who are interested in the electroacoustic industry. Jiefu looks forward you to join us for a better tomorrow

Qualification certification

Talent strategy

Talent competitiveness is the core of the competition of modern enterprises, so Jeff has always regarded talents as the most valuable asset, with great emphasis on the introduction and cultivation of talents. Jiefu’s talent selection is not only about whether you have the basic knowledge, skills and qualities, but also focus on whether you can integrate into the team and carry out the Jiefu spirit

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