Company Profile

One of the biggest flat panel TV speaker maker in China, mainly focus on research, develop, manufacture and sales of speaker unit and speaker system.

Jiefu, one of the biggest flat panel TV speaker manufacturer, has been focus on research, development, manufacture and sales of various kinds of speaker driver and speaker system since it was established on Nov 28,1997. After 25years rapid development, Jiefu is already the largest TV speaker and speaker system manufacturer in China, Jiefu speaker and Jiefu speaker system has been applying to many countries and regions such as the United States, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, European Union ,etc. reach to almost 1/6 family all over the world. Jiefu also grew into the largest TV speaker and system manufacturer in the country.
Jiefu has a National Postdoctoral Research Station, a Jiangsu Engineering Research Center for Electro-acoustic & Digital Audio, committed to providing speaker and speaker system’s ODM services for international brand company, Every year, more than 100 New products projects finished by Jiefu R&D team and 85% of them will be in application indeed. Jiefu speaker and speaker box had been used in lots of world famous brand TV sets such as Hisense, TCL, LG. Sharp, Samsung,etc. Jiefu has 15 Jiangsu Provincial high-tech products, more than 329 patents for utility model and appearance design,Jiefu complete the software copyright registration 2, and in South Korea and Germany authorized invention patent 2. Jiefu also participate in developing GB/T12060.13 national standards for speaker listening test.

Jiefu Vision: Let our speakers sound every corner of the world.

Jiefu Mission: Quickly adapt to product structure transformation, actively compete in the global electroacoustic market, help customers maintain competitive advantage, and promote the people to improve the quality of life.

Jiefu Spirit: Study, think, practise, summarize, innovate .

Jiefu Strategy: Fast adaption, Active competition, Approaching Perfection.

Jiefu Idea: A wholehearted listener.

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