Jiefu Laboratory

Jiefu Acoustic testing Laboratory is one of the professional acoustic testing oriented laboratory for speaker unit and speaker system in China. To assure the scientific rigor of the testing, Jiefu initially introduced various of the most advanced testing facilities and equipments, Jiefu laboratory’s test results can offer the most accurate and efficient references to the clients when they need to make decision on their new projects adoption.

R&D Laboratory and main test resources

The measurement of electroacoustic products has very strict requirements for test condition, test method, and test equipment. Jiefu Acoustic testing Laboratory works with the acoustic institute of Nanjing University in China, has obtained the internationally renowned electroacoustic product testing equipment manufacturers’ strong support ,such as Denmark B&K, the United States LINEARX abd DRA LABS, Japan ESPEC and South Korea SIGMA. Their test equipment is widely used in international well-known electroacoustic testing institutions and speaker manufacturers. Jiefu Acoustic Testing Laboratory among the numerous acoustic laboratory in China, pioneered the used of test equipments including 520 cubic meters of anechoic chamber, B&K2012 audio analyzer, LMS and MLSSA audio analysis system, ESPEC conditions test chamber, the SIGMA load test and on-line tester, SKYRAY X-ray fluorescence spectrometer,etc. In addition, the Sound QM&LT(audio fast measurement and life test system) which is jointly developed by Jiefu Electroacousitc and acoustic research institute of Nanjing University has applied for national patent, and is widely used in the acoustic industry.

HSF Laboratory

This laboratory is focused on the tests and analysis one the hazardous material content in the products so that they meet customer's requirements.

Enviromental Laboratory

This laboratory is available to apply conditional and mechanical tests for products.

Pretreatment room of chemical test

Sample pretreatment refers to the preparation process using the appropriate decomposition and dissolution methods to extract,purify and concentrate the samples so that they can be measured and analyzed quantitatively or qualitatively.

Audition Lab

This laboratory is available to apply listening test for loudspeaker and systems.The listening test methods meet the standard of the ICE 60268-13

Audiovisual Lab.

This laboratory is available to apply principal characteristic tests for multi-channel loudspeakers. It meets the IEC29-B

Load Laboratory

This laboratory is available to apply load test for multi path electroacoutic componets together.

Audio Frequency Test Lab

This laboratory is available to apply principal char-acteristic tests for speaker and systems.

Anechoic Chamber

This anechoic chamber is a full free or semi-free acoustic field for acoustic analysis. When the sound waves spread in a infinity space,there's not any reflector and catopter at the free acoustic field.

Salt Spray Lab

This laboratory is available to apply salt apray test for electroplating surface metal parts.