[News] Wuxi Jiefu Electroacoustic Co.Ltd. participated in the CSITF successfully concluded


        The 9th China (Shanghai)International Technology Import and Export Fair (hereinafter referred to as the"CSITF") successfully concluded on Jun.17, 2023. This session of the Fairthoroughly implemented the spirit of the 20th National Congress of theCommunist Party of China and the Central Economic Work Conference, adhered tothe concept of "innovation driven development, protection of intellectualproperty rights, and promotion of technology trade", focused on the themeof "opening up and chaining the world, technology empowering thefuture", built a platform to showcase global innovation achievements andsolutions, deepened international exchanges and cooperation in technologytrade, and better served the construction of a Dual circulation and innovativecountry.


         WuxiJiefu participated in the meeting as a representative of Jiangsu enterprisesand landed in the Jiangsu theme exhibition hall so that the enterprise fullydemonstrated its strength.

         In the corporate demonstrationvideo, we have shown our latest products and patented technologies. Through 25years of technological accumulation and process innovation, the quality andinnovation of our company's loudspeakers have been taken to the next level.Moreover, the introduction of talent allows us to significantly increaseefficiency and reduce costs in the context of the increasing demand forpersonalized customization from our customers. Thank you for the opportunitythe conference has given JIEFU. In the future, JIEFU will continue toconcentrate on the innovation and application of loudspeakers, and strive topromote the development and construction of China's loudspeaker field, and showthe "Chinese strength" in the field of innovative scientific researchresults.