[News] “Inspiring youth, flying hearts”--Wuxi Jiefu team building activity Yandang Mountain、 Zhoushan Outdoor Activities


In order to better stimulate employees' passion for work, establish theawareness of active communication and team building cooperation amongemployees, enhance employees' sense of responsibility and belonging, and showthe style of Wuxi JIEFU, the company recently organized employees toparticipate in the outdoor hiking activities in Yandang Mountain and Zhoushanwith the theme of "inspiring youth and flying hearts". Conductinggroup building activities here not only allows you to enjoy the beautifulscenery of nature, but also allow you to relax and let everyone get to knoweach other better.

                                                                                                                                                       ——Yandang Mountains——


Yandang Mountain, located inDeqing County, Zhejiang Province, is a famous scenic spot in the southeastcoastal area. It is known as "the first mountain in the Southeast"and "the first ancient source in the Southeast". Here the scenery is beautiful,a combination of natural scenery and cultural landscape


performancein the air and across the sky really made us sweat. As night falls, the peaksbecome even more mysterious. During the day, the strange peaks and rocks arepainted with mysterious and warm colors against the moonlight and night,forming vivid splash-ink paintings. Even around a couple peak, there can beseveral different stories. Time and time again, the collision of imaginationhas fueled our enthusiasm, and our relationships have become even closer.Cheers and laughter continue to fulfill the mountains.

Many of the mountains and rocksin Yandang Mountains are easy to see. But the fatigue of climbing the mountainmakes us feel a little backward. It is the encouragement of our companions thatgives us the courage to continue to move up. We calmly face the mountains. Fromself-motivation, self-control to self-transcendence, we have successfullyclimbed the top again and again, and experienced the folded waterfall like ajade belt, the magnificent stone mast rock, and the nine storey Guanyin Cave, here,we cannot help but marvel at the wisdom of the ancients and the wonders ofnature, and we are grateful that it was our unremitting efforts that allowed usto see the unique scenery on the mountain.




Zhoushan Island has a longhistory, known as "island in the sea" in ancient times. Blue sky,blue sea, green island, golden sand, and white waves are the main colors ofZhoushan's ecological environment. Group building activities here can not onlyenjoy the beauty of nature, but also enjoy leisure and entertainment, and feelthe fun of culture and history.


On the trip to Zhoushan, wepassed the Hangzhou Bay cross-sea Bridge, visited Xiushan Island and CeziIsland, and visited Ruyi Town and Blue and White Town. The guardrail ofHangzhou Bay Bridge across the sea from south to north has been dyed red,orange, yellow, green, blue, purple seven colors, from a distance, just like arainbow, adding a bright color to Hangzhou Bay, majestic and magnificent let usmarvel at it. In Xiushan Island, Cezi Island feel the original ecological localculture, fresh and natural island folk customs; Ruyi and the Blue and Whitetown make us feel as if we were instantly transported to the Champs-Elysees inFrance and the Sea of Love in Greece, and experience a deep exotic atmospherewithout going abroad.


In the pleasantbreeze in Zhoushan slowly walk, photography, so relaxed and happy to open aleisurely holiday. At sunset, we played interactive games on the thousand Sandsbeach and opened the seaside BBQ with music. Against the afterglow of the Donghaicoast, the smoke rises from the cooking pots, the meat skewers are secretlystored on the barbecue, and the romantic encounter of this seaside party makesus forget the troubles of life and return home.



This outdoor hiking activity hasbeen successfully concluded with everyone's active participation. The time wespent together was not only colorful, but also condensed Jiefu emotions,deepened mutual understanding and trust, and also made our hearts get acolorful sublimation.