[Announcement] Conflict Minerals Information Disclosure Request


 Thank you for your partnership and support.  Due tothe enforcement of US federal law Dodd-Frank Act Section 1502, our customersare requesting us to provide status of conflict minerals usage.  Inturn, we would like to request for your support in providingconflict minerals related information as below.  

          ※ 'Conflict minerals' are gold(Au), tantalum(Ta),tin(Sn), and

             tungsten(W)that are mined from conflict area in which is stated

             underthe US Dodd-Frank act. The area consists of DRC (Democratic

             Republicof Congo) and its adjoining countries(Sudan, Rwanda,

             Burundi,Uganda, Zambia, Angola, Tanzania, The Central African


Failure to provide requested information maylead to limitation in future business  

Duedate : November 14, 2016 ~ December 23, 2016